The Best Love Bracelets for You

Every piece of jewelry is endowed with tales of the past or present. It can be an heirloom handed down to you or a shiny rock on your finger that promises you the world. Apart from them serving as personal anecdotes, the jewelry you wear shines at the helm of your fashion story. A trend that has recently spread like wildfire is that of love bracelets. With numerous celebrities flaunting their own pieces, love bracelets have become a common hand-worn accessory. So, if you are planning to either gift one of these to your special someone or buy one for yourself, here are a few of the best love bracelets out there!

  1. Kate Spade’s Bracelet: 

    Cartier’s iconic rose gold love bracelets have inspired a generation of makers to try and emulate it at an affordable price. Cartier bracelets are available between $4,000 and $40,000, which may not be always the most feasible choice. Kate Spade’s rose gold bracelet is an affordable option. It comes with squared-off edges that give it a clean and elegant look. This slip-on style bracelet has “Stop and Smell the Roses” inscribed on the inside.

  2. MVCOLEDY Bracelet: 

    MVCOLEDY’s bracelet is plated with white gold and is beautifully crafted from high-quality stainless steel. The steel is resistant to wear and tear, requires low maintenance, and does not trigger sensitive skin. It also comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return window. You also have the choice to gift wrap!

  3. Long Way Chain Bracelet: 

    Long Way’s silver and pink chain bracelet is funky and fashionable. It is crafted with radiant beads that can be altered by unhooking the lobster clasp. This silver-plated bracelet is hypoallergenic and nickel free. Gift wrapping options are also available.

  4. Redrosestyle Cuff Bracelet: 

    Redrosestyle’s Cuff Bracelet is made of 18K gold and titanium steel. Along with its solid composition, the design is perfectly elegant and stylish. It comes with a stay-on-screw design inspired by Cartier. It is resistant to fade and rust and requires absolutely low maintenance. The metal composition has no lead or material that can trigger sensitive skin. Make sure to check out their gift wrapping options!


  5. Alex and Ani Charm Bangle: 

    Alex and Ani is a trustworthy and popular jewelry brand that started its journey by making bangles. They gained attention with their customized designs that followed a trend of similar products in the market. Alex and Ani’s Love Charm bangle is a steel frame that is simple and yet youthful and fun. It is the perfect gift for your partner or a great addition to your daughter’s collection.